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Chiropractic Care in Puget Sound


The Gonstead Technique is often referred to as the golden standard of chiropractic. It has set the bar in Chiropractic for patient examination and treatment. Examination of the patient includes complete patient history, static palpation, motion palpation, instrumentation of the spinal column, orthopedic and neurological testing, x-ray analysis and, if necessary, laboratory analysis. When all this information is combined, a trained Gonstead Doctor will immediately let you know if your health situation is a Chiropractic case. If it is not, a referral to the appropriate health provider will be given. If your case is a Chiropractic case, the trained Gonstead practitioner’s goal is to utilize the dynamics of the effectual Gonstead Specific Adjustment to get you back to optimal health as quickly as possible.


chiropractic care from Dr. Sean Flaherty.

Chiropractic care is important to overall health

Chiropractic Care maintains the health of your nervous system. The spine is the window to your nervous system. When the spine is moving well, your nervous system will be healthier. Chiropractic is both a healing art and science dealing with correcting structural problems called subluxations that interfere with movement of the spine. Chiropractic maximizes your health potential by removing interference to the greatest healer that has ever existed, the healer inside you. 

Science is knowledge reduced to law and embodied in a system. Art relates to something to be done. Science teaches us to know, and art to do.

~ D.D. Palmer


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