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Chiropractic For Children in Puget Sound

“It’s better to grow healthy children than repair damaged adults.”

Giving Kids an Unfair Advantage

Chiropractic for children gives the average kid an unfair advantage. That’s because most kids are walking around subluxated form the day they were born and not experiencing their life to the fullest. Everything that we experience comes through our nerve system.

“Subluxaton makes life muted, dull and dim. It’s not as bright and colorful,” says Dr. Sean. “When we make sure that the baby is functioning properly we give them the opportunity to really experience the world as God intended them to.”

Safe, Natural Care

As his father is a chiropractor, Dr. Sean has been adjusted from a very early age. He knows the value of chiropractic in helping children live healthier lives. He sees a lot of kids who have been taking prescription drugs from an early age. “If prescription drugs made us healthy than people that take the most prescription drugs should be the healthiest but we know that’s not the case.”

That’s why we provide a different way to help kids naturally live at 100% and let their bodies heal and regulate themselves, so they grow up better. We have more research that shows that chiropractic enhances the genetic windows kids have. Whether it be learning a language or learning to crawl or walk. The earlier a child can get in to see us the earlier we’re able to make sure those things develop and unfold in a very nice fashion.

Chiropractic For Children in Gig Harbor WA by Dr. Sean Flaherty.

Parents report that many childhood health problems resolve with chiropractic care.

What to Expect

With kids, paperwork is a little more in-depth as we want to learn more about the child’s history. We always want to do a consult with one or both parents before seeing the child so Dr. Sean gets all the information he needs. The exam is very easy and quick. We don’t usually take X-rays unless they’re necessary. We will do a noninvasive nerve scan, though.

“Everything I do with children I keep in mind that you don’t need to use a sledgehammer to hang a picture. You use the right tools for the right job. That’s why low force is the key.” Because children have little spines and little nerve systems it just takes a little bit of force.

Dr. Sean uses Activator Methods® and an Integrator, which are low-force impulse devices that are handheld. He also uses the Logan technique which holds some pressure on some different points. WE get great results with the gentle methods we use!

Information and Education

We incorporate nutrition and make sure kids aren’t getting too stressed at home. Part of what we do is bringing to light some of the things that parents may not realize could potentially be harmful. These things include texting and how bad it is for kids’ necks or sitting with a tablet and how overstimulation from screen time can be detrimental. We hold pediatric workshops to help parents understand what we’re doing and why it’s important to get their kids adjusted. We’ll answer questions such as:

  • Is it safe? Yes it is!
  • Does my insurance cover care for my children? Generally, insurance covers kids, too.
  • Do you think it can help certain conditions? Amazing stories such as the one below reflect chiropractic’s success!


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